Classes are at Spiral Arts Studio in Willimantic CT. For more info call 978-766-2119

-Oil Painting

kid 7-18 Saturdays 11-12pm $75 a month.

  This class is geared towards the individual needs.   
In a creative nurturing environment. The student is free to
create with the help from the teacher. Starting off with a good
foundation, the student will be practicing their fine motor skills,
problem solving, and basic mixing of colors. As the student works on
their individual piece they will refer back to certain guidelines
that they will use for years to come. The teacher will supply
paints, brushes just come prepared to paint with a 9 x 12 canvas.
Classes are one hour sessions.

Adult classes Saturdays 9-11am $30 drop in class.

For the beginner and the professional. Need a place to paint, a little guidance and a group of artist to paint with? We Supply the paint and the brushes just come in with a canvas and your ideas.

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