Classes are at Spiral Arts Studio in Willimantic CT. This is a community space that strives to provide access and space to artists and community members to engage, learn, create, and inspire.

-Oil Painting

Kids classes (7-18)

Classes are geared towards the individual needs. Let’s build on are strengths and work on are weaknesses in a nurturing environment. We will start the students with a good foundation that they will refer back to for years to come. With a traditional and a modern approach to teaching there is no limit to what can be learned. As of now are winter schedule are on Thursday’s 4-5pm 5-6pm 6-7pm. We supply everything but a canvas. Class are $15 a season but when you become a member and save. Click on MEMBERS to find out more


Adult (18+)

You decide on how fare you want to go. Will you use the space to socialize and meet other artists or learn the many different ways you can oil paint. However you decide on the use of the space we will supply you with all the materials you’ll need except for a canvas. We are open For adult oil painting ever Thursday 10-noon and again from 7-9pm. Drop-ins are $30. Members monthly fee are $80. Click on MEMBERS to find out more.

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