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Red dot 🔴 means that artwork has been sold

Lindy’s 16“x20 Oil on panel $2,500

Harbor Fish market 16×20 Oil on panel $2,500

🔴Into the wild  20″x16″ Oil on panel

Gloucester 20“ x 16“ oil on panel $2,500

🔴 The Pink House 20”x16” oil on panel.

Littleton Mill 30″ x 40″ Oil on panel $3,000

🔴Steve’s Market 3′ x 4′ oil on linen 

Hutch’s shanty 30″x 45″ Oil on panel $3,000

Up High St 8″ x 10″ Oil on panel $300

The bunghole  36 x 24 Oil on linen $2,800

Before the lights go out is a 8″ x 10″ Woodblock Print $80

Shanty print 10.5″x 7″ Woodblock Print $80

Time well spent is a 10.5″ x 7″ would block Print $80

The why in, is through 40″ x 30″ oil painting on panel $3,500

American Dream 24″ x 18″ oil on panel $2,500

🔴Driftwood 8″x10″ Oil on panel

🔴The Paddle Inn 18″x24″ Oil on panel

🔴Fowler’s 18″x24″ Oil on panel

🔴Shared Space 18″x24″ Oil on panel

🔴Hampton 18″x24″ Oil on panel

Neighborhood Watch 18″x24″ Oil on panel $2,500

🔴Richdale 18″x24″ Oil on panel

C4B27C4B-FBEC-4E65-842C-110000FF587EAll the way up 2′ x 4′ wood block Print. $400

IMG_0956Light house 2′ x 4′ wood block Print $400

Water Street 31″ x 24″ Oil on panel $2,500

Camp 24″ x 18″ oil on panel $2,500

IMG_0332West Newbury 18″ x 18″ oil on linen $1,200

img_5052Shanty  3′ x 4′ Watercolor $3,500

img_5051Shanty Pastel 3′ x 4′ $3,500

IMG_5069In through the gate 10″ x 7″ would luck print$ $80

IMG_0221🔴Salem diner 36″ x 48″ Oil on linen 

IMG_0958IMG_1021When one door opens 10 1/2 x 7 woodblock print $80

Whip (oil)🔴Shanty (oil) 36″ x 48″ Oil on linen 
Capital Diner🔴Capital Diner 36″ x 48″ Oil on linen
Christie's🔴Christie’s (oil)
old movie theaters Warwick Marblehead MA🔴Warwick(oil)
Gas station🔴Gas station (oil)
img_4874🔴There’s always room for ice cream
Ice cream stand🔴Dairy which (oil)
Empty🔴Empty (oil)
expect the unexpected🔴comics and collectibles (oil)
🔴The North End (oil)
Convenient 48 X 36 Oil on Canvas🔴Convenient (oil)
Beacon Hill🔴Beacon Hill (oil)

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6 thoughts on “Original ART

  1. Hap Fay says:

    Hey Jeff is the painting of the capital diner still around?

    • Jeffrey Fay says:

      Hi Hap
      The painting Capital Diner has been sold. Please let me know if you are interested in something similar. I also do prints in Etching’s and woodblock prints. I would like to hear your ideas

  2. Dottie says:

    Beautiful work and I love your subject matter.

  3. Jeffrey Fay says:

    I usually have painting set aside. These pieces will be revealed at my upcoming show.

  4. Jason Fay says:

    I know you have more paintings than what you have posted.

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