A graduate of The Acorn Gallery School of Art in Marblehead, Massachusetts, Hutchinson Fay has concentrated his career on oil painting, while also developing his skill in other mediums, such as printmaking, acrylic and watercolor.

After formal schooling, a trip to France provided Hutchinson Fay the experience to view vast European landscapes, listen to a lyrical foreign language and adjust to a different lifestyle, which opened him up to a new level of artistic expression. He returned to his American home with a renewed sense of adventure and freedom in his work.

The artwork of Hutchinson Fay has attracted collectors from all over the country. Pieces from past collections are hung in private homes as far away as Texas and Florida, and as close to his hometown as Lynn and Salem in Massachusetts.

Past exhibits have been held at the Abbot Public Library, the Marblehead Art Association, The Lynn Museum, and The Cooper and Smith Gallery.

The artist has relocated from the North Shore of Massachusetts to Northeast of Connecticut. While maintaining his artistic presence in his home state, he has found success in expanding his creative reach and gaining a diverse interest in his work throughout the country and internationally.

Hutchison Fay is in the process of teaching his craft to others in low income areas. He is reaching out to families with children that have learning disabilities. Being Dyslexic himself he knows how important it is to exercise the visual side of the brain. The right side of the brain is our strong point. He feels lucky to have found oil painting at a young age and encourages others to find they’re calling so it may increase confidence to get them through school.

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