World: Meet J. Hutchinson Fay, AKA Jeffrey H. Fay.

After seventeen years of oil painting, it’s time to bring my pieces down from the attic.  With a  website and an upcoming show, I am well on my way.

4 thoughts on “World: Meet J. Hutchinson Fay, AKA Jeffrey H. Fay.

  1. Tyler Payne says:

    Congratulations J. Fay:

    You certainly have a great website to display your works and talent. Thanks for giving this information to me over the phone. I hope this website leads to great success; after all, you possess great talent that cannot be duplicated overnight.

  2. Daryl says:

    Jeff, this is fabulous!!

  3. Sandra J says:

    Great website Jeff, congratulations on all your success!

  4. Charles W. Freeman says:

    Jeffrey, I am very excited to see your site! Wonderful pictures, wonderful artist, and your a wonderful person you can’t beat that for a combination.

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