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New work

Shared space is a 18×24 Oil on canvas

Art classes

I want to reach out to families that have children with learning disabilities. I myself have dyslexia and found that art was a great way for me to build up confidence after a long week of school. It helped me understand how I learned… by doing something I was good at. If you have a Child that is struggling through school and loves art, I am putting together an oil painting class for them in the town of Willimantic ct. Please contact me if this sounds like a good fit for your child at 978-766-2119.

New art

Richdale’s 18×24 oil on panel.

New work

Neighborhood watch 18×24 oil on panel.


$50 print 

This is a 3″x5″ etching. There will be only 40 made.

New work


Having a piece of art commissioned is fun

send me your idea and we’ll see where it goes.

Art commission

No stress commissions. Send a Photo if I paint it and you like it you get 10% off purchase price.

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